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Skin cancer screening

Skin cancer screening with Total Body Mole Mapping supported by the latest Artificial Intelligence technology is now available in our clinic. Fotofinder is a German engineered Artificial Intelligence system for total body mole photography with dermoscopic analysis. It is used for skin cancer screening in patients who have had or are at increased risk for melanoma. Total Body Mole Mapping is not currently covered by OHIP but may be covered through private health plans. Cost for this service is $500 CAD. To book your scan please call our office directly at 905-727-0285 or email us at

Dermatology Consults

To make an appointment for a dermatology consultation regarding any skin, hair or nail concern, ​patients covered by OHIP will need a referral from their physician or from a Walk in clinic. Due to a high volume of referrals these appointments are scheduled based on medical priority and you will be informed of the date and time of your appointment by the Cliniconex automated booking system. Currently we are offering both in person and digital visits. 


Full body and hand and foot narrow band UVB​ phototherapy is available in our office to treat many skin diseases including: 

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